Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pros and Cons for Ricky

Every afternoon when I get home from work I take off my heels and walk to the mailbox. This afternoon I got the biggest treat of my life. A letter addressed to me from the Dallas County Department of Juvenile Justice (something or other). That's right-- I get to apply for restitution. I also have the option of possibly meeting with the young, cheesed up lad who took my car and my beloved Old Navy rain jacket. At first, there wasn't any question about it. I was going to meet this youth who robbed me of my innocence. But, then I thought about it some more and thought it could just be really weird (and scary) to meet this kid who, in a matter of minutes changed my view on society as a whole. I have until July 2nd to decide.

I am in the process of making a Pros and Cons list about it.

PROS: I could meet this kid and tell him I forgive him and tell him he can still lead a productive life and contribute to society.

CONS: I may not actually be able to talk to him, because Officer Royal told me he doesn't speak English.

PROS: This could be a huge opportunity to show Jesus' love to a cheesed-up juvy inmate.

CONS: He will see my face and possibly spot me out at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market one day and take more than just my Old Navy rain jacket. What if my basket is full and I was feeling extra rich that day and buy a People in the check-out line? He can just take that too?

PROS: I can find out how to avoid other cheesed-up thieves and ask him why he targeted me.

CONS: I might find out that I am the poster child for car theft and I realize I have no way to defend myself from it.

Right now, I'm leaning towards going...I have a lot of road trips coming up and I really need my i-Pod charger back.

List of things I plan to put on the restitution list: i-Pod charger, Old Navy rain jacket, rollerblades, white Converses from 10th grade, brown pants, black work shoes (may not have been stolen, but I certainly can't find them), JT CD, Killers CD and cigarette lighter (why would he even take that out of the car?).


Laura said...

My vote. Go see him.

Tami Spencer said...

Definitely should go...take Noelle for translation purposes.

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