Friday, September 21, 2012

style post :: my bedroom.

Before I even knew what the word style meant people were telling me I had it. I didn't believe people then and I don't believe people now (COLOR ME HUMBLE), but sometimes, possessing an elusive, subjective quality with an incredibly loose definition is something that you just cannot escape. 

So, internetS, I'm giving in. I don't like to get too personal on the internetS, because who wants to read that, but today I'm going to let you into my bedroom and give you a glimpse of my home and my stylish decor taste! 

People are always commenting on my photos and e-mailing me questions about my style and tastes. 
One of the main questions people are constantly asking me is, "What would you call your personal style?"

Where do I start?!
If I'm getting dressed, I'm always trying to look like I could attend a yacht party at a moment's notice. But, I also want to be able to walk down an alley and not get mugged for looking too refined (as if that's even possible). So, for clothing, I would say I'm a bit of an East Coast-preppy-hipster-with-a-hiking-mentality and pops of bold, bright colors and whispers of whimsy. Too easy!

As far as decorating goes, it's a little bit tougher to nail down. I want my personality to shine through and I want to pay tribute to my heritage and the things I am most passionate about. So, I guess you could call my decorating style: Early-Colonial-Americana with vintage flare and touches of retro-modern-matronly-Christian-woman. 

Now that that is out of the way, let's get to the bedroom!

The bedspread: I got this little number at a super fun, modern store called Dillard's! Sensible prices and large selections! I loved the soft beige and yellow and then just died over the pops of coral, so it was one of those must have pieces. 

The dresser: What a labor of love this item was! I got it my sophomore year in college and it was this horrifically stained piece for years until I finally got a hold of some sand paper and new drawer pulls! It took me a couple of days to sand down and re-stain, but I love how it turned out! Looks like Dolley Madison could have owned it or something! It not only serves as my dresser, but a night stand, too! [Look closely, do you see ole Abe Lincoln peeking at you?]

The book case: Can you say steal of the Century? This was the first piece of furniture I bought myself when I moved to Dallas. It's from Ikea and has served me so well! It houses all of my favorite books and a few loose items, too! See any books you might like to borrow? I've got a pretty extensive collection ranging from about 25 different collections of other people's personal essays, lots of books about Jesus and then the real gems: a book about James Garfield's assassination, three books about Franklin Pierce (14th President), more than one book about John Adams, a book exploring George Washington's complex view of Christianity, 800-pages on why Richard Nixon was the way he was and of course, a book about Martin Van Buren. MARTIN VAN BUREN. There's more, but I won't bore you with the details!

The chair: Definitely my favorite item in my room. This chair was passed down from my Grandmother Bonnie to me. It's comfortable, it swivels and it reminds me of spending lots and lots of time in her home! The back features orange crayon that has likely been there for well over 20 years! Depending on your sources you could say this is an antique piece, but for me I'll stick with vintage! Yes, that's an antique map hiding behind the chair! There's just never enough time, you know?!

The trunk: My grandfather made this for me before I was born, so again: VINTAGE. It's handcrafted with detail and love. Currently, it serves as a storage facility for blankets and junk mail. 

The globe: Now, this is one item that IS without a doubt an antique. It's pre-1960 and was quite the find! I was just rummaging through my grandmother's storage room when this globe started calling my name! I told my grandmother I was taking it and she couldn't stop me! I mean, what a deal. Right? The books featured under the globe are pretty great, too. It's a series of American history books from 1776-1968. The globe, books and photos of the Capitol Rotunda and Independence Hall really capture what I'm going for: Early-Colonial-Americana with vintage flare and touches of retro-modern. I die.

Wall Art: Remember how I said I like my decor to reflect my personality and what I am passionate about? Well, here you go! The vintage map of Arkansas represents my home, my family and my Arkansas Razorbacks. The hand-drawn individual sketches of all the presidents represent my passion for America, learning, art and fun! Sometimes I find myself just staring at both of these pieces for minutes on end.

So, there you have it! That's my bedroom. 
It's stylish, fun, comfortable (and cozy!) and very reflective of who I am. 

What do you want to see next? I know, I know-- a peek into my closet! Patience, dear ones!

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