Sunday, June 3, 2007

Other Roommates

I think I need to introduce the other room-dawgs of 2620.

In no particular order...

Angela "Grish"/ "Tange" Grisham-- Grish is a big money, ballin' computer auditor (something or other) for PWC. She spends hours upon hours a day auditing computers. No clue. More importanly, AG is genuine and funny. She's quirky and can't hang a shower curtain. The girl ALWAYS has dinner plans and she makes me laugh hard. Also, she cusses. I failed to mention she has a teddy bear that she drags around the house.

Noelle Puryear-- Noelle is fluent in Spanish, which helps when you're a 7th grade Spanish teacher. She drives a VW Bug and claims to have a child. She might be the most well-rounded of the roommates, but that is because she is the oldest and maybe the most mature. She has asked me to spoon at least once during our time together. I'm not making any promises and I don't think she should hold her breath.

Tami Becton-- Awww Sic 'Em! You know, I wish I could tell you what Tami does for a living, but really...I can't tell you. She wears many hats at her job. But, know this-- she keeps kids from getting abducted AND she keeps football coaches informed. two things neither you, nor I can claim. Thanks for making our children safer and our coaches smarter, T Bec. Did I mention that Tami is the President of our accountability group? That's right, she loves Jesus. She's pretty nice, too. This isn't important, but Tami has braces.

Other mentionables: So far Morgan is the only person to stop by more than once.

Brittain's birthday party was a roaring success. I have no doubt that it is due to the person that Brittain is and not to my party planning skills. Go Brittain!

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Tami Spencer said...

It might be helpful if you guys specify which one is writing each comment. I can usually figure it out but it might get more difficult as the blog continues...just a suggestion

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