Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Back Kind of Hurts


Last night I slept on the couch. I didn't have a pillow or a blanket. Britt was in a very, "I'm Third" mood and offered me a blanket. The blanket couldn't even make the couch comfortable though. From here on out, if there isn't a bed for me to sleep in I'm sleeping in my car. Legit.

Today, Britt was still in an "I'm Third" mood and she made a grilled cheese sandwhich for lunch. She is clearly quite the chef.

Also, our "parking lot" is full. I guess if Joseph and Mary were outside we'd have to tell them there's no room in the inn. But, I'd try to make room for them. Britt probably would too. I think everyone would.

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Tami Spencer said...

Just think, so much could have been avoided if you had actually stuck to your promise of sleeping in your car...

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