Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Couch

It was a rainy weekend in Dallas, which left Tami, LC and I on the couch for hours on end watching Felicity. It was great... until LC started to get restless. See, we kind of settled into our own "spots" in the living room, and LC and I of course landed on the same couch: me balled up in the nook of the corner, and LC taking up the other 2.75 cushions. Generally, this set up is great, we're all comfortable. But after 2 or so episodes of FPo, LC started "messing" with me. Poking, asking silly/stupid questions, etc. So I hit her in the boob and we pretty much fought the rest of the night. So much fun. Tami LOVED this, and relentlessly offered up her couch. So selfless, thanks Tami.

Tami and I decorated this weekend so the house is looking better. LC did not participate.

I went to look at a house with Morgan and LC. It was cute, complete with beer cans on the coffee table, playboy posters, and a pool. They are moving in.

See you in the 713.

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Morgan said...

good post, brit. good post.

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