Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ode to Britt

We are besties.

Today (yes, today!) my dear friend and roommate, Britt, turns the big two-three. That's right...23. I have prepared a poem and a few other things.

birthday poem.
twenty three ain't no joke,
turn your life around get off the coke.

that's a j slash k,
you get to celebrate today!

celebrate with glee,
cause girl you are turning twenty damn three.

what, who you?
yeah, you are no longer twenty two.

you invented the damn birthday,
when people see you coming, they get out the way.

tyra says so what,
all my friends think you're hot.

you are the best friend ever,
and this poem is really clever.

i hope your day is really great,
and maybe soon the reverend will take you on a date.

thanks for being alive,
and i hope we're friends when we're 105.

Also, I would like to make a list of things telling you, our readers, about why I am glad Britt is, in fact alive.

I am glad Britt's alive because...

...she makes me laugh. She encourages me to dress better, live cleaner, eat healthier and be nicer. She emails me while we're at work, which makes my day go by faster. She introduced me to salad dressing. She is letting me sleep on her couch and watch her Felicity DVDs. And basically...I'm glad she's alive because she's my friend. A really good one at that.

Happy Birthday, Britt.

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