Friday, June 8, 2007

A Glimpse

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what our g-chat conversations typically look like. We used to talk on it a lot more, but now it has to be limited to Fridays because of my work circumstances. Pretty awesome.

2:09 PM Lauren: hey
i just downloaded google talk.
me: cool
gmail still not working?
Lauren: not at all.
oh well.
2:10 PM i just sent you an email about going to the grocery store
2:11 PM me: cool
Lauren: really?
me: chicken breasts
2:12 PM Lauren: sweet
2:16 PM mashed potatoes?
me: hey, i gotta work
2:17 PM Lauren: :-|
2:18 PM :D
me: ha. i might go home and work
Lauren: x-(
me: i need to do laundry.
and no one else is here.
Lauren: :-/
me: except this IT talking on the phone about jesus and pastoring
Lauren: }:)
me: wow... that's a creative one
Lauren: i know...
2:19 PM me: he just said praise god
Lauren: well, praise Him.
um...I'll call you when I leave here
and you can tell me what to get at the groce
me: ok. bye.
Lauren: :'(

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LC (and sometimes LB) said...

i freakin' can't believe you put that on here. is there such thing as blog fighting? we are in a blog fight.

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