Thursday, June 28, 2007

Music Appreciation

Every time I get in my car "Pop, Lock and Drop It" or "Buy U a Drank" is on. Every time. This inevitably leads me to walk around where ever I am saying, "Awwwww, snap!" or even, "Do that thing little mama make it...blah, blah, blah." This has become completely unacceptable. Aren't there thousands, nay, millions of songs out there for the radio to play? Yet, different stations play the same songs over and over and over again? If I hear, "Hey There, Deliah" one more time I might call Deliah myself and ask her what it's like in New York City.

On a somewhat different note-- I'm going to court to meet Ricky, who's name is actually Humberto. This will not be an actual meeting, it will be me appearing in court to see what the ruling on this case is. Meaning: money or no money for LC.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Thoughts from Angela

Since it’s guest writer night, I feel like there are a few things you should
1. Ange has an E on the end. Ang is angle with two missing letters.

2. My shower curtain has not fallen in at least 3 ½ weeks.

3. I’m trying to work on the cussing.

4. It’s fun to come home to lots of people.

5. Simon and Elena are pregnant. Simon is still working on trying to be
excited about it part.Looking back on things, I wonder if the Baklava
gift was part of a weird pregnancy craving.

6. I have a fan now and no longer have to put the downstairs thermostat on
65 at night.

7. My room is not purple. It’s taupe.

8. Tami is really good at killing flies which is nice since we have a lot of

9. I feel dumber after every episode of The Girls Next Door that plays at

10. If Mary and Joseph showed up, we would all work something out with the
parking situation. Get real.

That’s really all I have to say. Oh and I’d like to apologize to the other
inhabitants of 2620 for my inability to properly put a trash bag in Tami’s
trash can. And thanks for doing the dishes tonight, Noelle.

The Spanish Steps

So LC has given us the opportunity to "guest post" today which I think was extremely generous...especially since today was dedicated to me and I feel like I should be the one to share it with the 2620 blog-world. I was recently subjected to a less-than-wonderful experience on the steps of the elementary school across the street from our house. It wasn't horrific but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about those steps. My wonderful roomies found out about my negative karma towards the steps and decided to take action towards remedy-ing this unfortunate situation.

After eating a delicious meal (prepared by Ange, with an "e") we set out to get ice cream and make some good memories on the steps. We started the healing process with a little "confession-time" where Ange apologized for a previous lack of social ettiquette and I tried to explain to LC that her lack of a dinner invite last night was not intentional. Things were moving right along but the steps were still harboring some undesirable feelings. I called on LC to step-up her game (pun-intended) and create some memories that would forever put a smile in my heart when I caught sight of the steps. She came through in a giant way. As Noelle and I sung our hearts out to some of our favorite praise and worship songs, LC laid out some of her best dance moves for all of us on the steps as well as 3 of ricky ricardo's cousins who passed by during the evening. Some highlights included the "half-body roll", a wide-hand clap, and many more. Trust me, these names do not even begin to do justice to the glory of these moves. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and, just like that, the steps were forever transformed. LC, Noelle, and Ange, thanks for the memories.

If I am ever allowed to guest post again, I will delve into the issues I have with my role on the blog being so minor. I have spent more nights in the house than any other roommate thus far and I feel that deserves a principal spot in the blog...but that's another post for another day.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reality TV

After much debate I have decided to not go and meet Ricky. I examined my motives behind wanting to go and the only real reason I wanted to go was to have a really good story. Unfortunately, I'm a mature adult now so I realize that is not the best reason to go. Therefore, I will not be going to meet Ricky. And I have decided to give up my search for the Old Navy rain jacket. R.I.P grey Old Navy rain jacket.

On totally different note, I think it's safe to say that I spend 90% of the time I watch tv watching reality TV. That's why I'm starting a campaign to get my own show. Or get on a show. Whatever comes first. I think I'm entertaining. And I have a lot of friends on Facebook, I could start a group and make them all watch it.


Angela and I listened to the "Graduation Song" tonight. We now know where we're going to be when we turn 24, maybe even 25. Shout out to RHS Class of 02. I wonder if Brady Bobby is a stock broker? And if I will ever find a job that doesn't interfere with my tan?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pros and Cons for Ricky

Every afternoon when I get home from work I take off my heels and walk to the mailbox. This afternoon I got the biggest treat of my life. A letter addressed to me from the Dallas County Department of Juvenile Justice (something or other). That's right-- I get to apply for restitution. I also have the option of possibly meeting with the young, cheesed up lad who took my car and my beloved Old Navy rain jacket. At first, there wasn't any question about it. I was going to meet this youth who robbed me of my innocence. But, then I thought about it some more and thought it could just be really weird (and scary) to meet this kid who, in a matter of minutes changed my view on society as a whole. I have until July 2nd to decide.

I am in the process of making a Pros and Cons list about it.

PROS: I could meet this kid and tell him I forgive him and tell him he can still lead a productive life and contribute to society.

CONS: I may not actually be able to talk to him, because Officer Royal told me he doesn't speak English.

PROS: This could be a huge opportunity to show Jesus' love to a cheesed-up juvy inmate.

CONS: He will see my face and possibly spot me out at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market one day and take more than just my Old Navy rain jacket. What if my basket is full and I was feeling extra rich that day and buy a People in the check-out line? He can just take that too?

PROS: I can find out how to avoid other cheesed-up thieves and ask him why he targeted me.

CONS: I might find out that I am the poster child for car theft and I realize I have no way to defend myself from it.

Right now, I'm leaning towards going...I have a lot of road trips coming up and I really need my i-Pod charger back.

List of things I plan to put on the restitution list: i-Pod charger, Old Navy rain jacket, rollerblades, white Converses from 10th grade, brown pants, black work shoes (may not have been stolen, but I certainly can't find them), JT CD, Killers CD and cigarette lighter (why would he even take that out of the car?).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Common Threads

Today someone asked Britt and me what we had in common. We both stopped and thought about it. I came up with: a common love for Jesus and we both have great hair. She said: we both have brown hair. That's kind of sad. I mean, we're "besties" and can't think of more than like, two things we have in common? Oh yeah, she also said we both like music. Everyone likes music.

Morgan said I could decorate at the new house. Morgan is so money.

The Couch

It was a rainy weekend in Dallas, which left Tami, LC and I on the couch for hours on end watching Felicity. It was great... until LC started to get restless. See, we kind of settled into our own "spots" in the living room, and LC and I of course landed on the same couch: me balled up in the nook of the corner, and LC taking up the other 2.75 cushions. Generally, this set up is great, we're all comfortable. But after 2 or so episodes of FPo, LC started "messing" with me. Poking, asking silly/stupid questions, etc. So I hit her in the boob and we pretty much fought the rest of the night. So much fun. Tami LOVED this, and relentlessly offered up her couch. So selfless, thanks Tami.

Tami and I decorated this weekend so the house is looking better. LC did not participate.

I went to look at a house with Morgan and LC. It was cute, complete with beer cans on the coffee table, playboy posters, and a pool. They are moving in.

See you in the 713.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Laura Rodgers is tiiiiiiiiiight. She was homecoming queen and she loves to come visit 2620. Also, she needs to stretch.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We have some frequent visitors to 2620.

Melanie "Smelanie" White is a precious little gem from Richardson. She is besties with Ang and likes to frequent bars and clubs-- especially on blind dates. She really spices up the house when she's around. She brought us bread tonight.

Morgan "Don't call me Mo Mo" Stallings is the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2006. A Whoop. She handles packages, drives a standard and is an all-around good person. She handled the cop during the car incident and is my future roommate. We're getting DVR.

Others who have come by: Rister, the girls of DAG, and Tami's mom spent four days here.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Laura C. Cooper

PTL for Laura Cooper. Coops basically deserves credit for establishing me in Dallas. Without Coops I'd be homeless and minus about 47 friends (and counting). Without Coops I wouldn't have tasted salad dressing and I definitely wouldn't be as well-rounded as I am today.

Britt should thank Coops too, I mean she could've kept me a secret. But, no...she is self-less and wanted to share her friends. What an "I'm Third" act of kindness.

The first time I met Coops I thought she went to Ole Miss. Then, she started dancing and talking and it was clear she didn't. From then our friendship grew and grew and now I might ask her to be in my wedding as a candle lighter (j slash k).

Thanks, Coops. You're a rare jewel.


I am quite the poet and if you need a poem for a special occasion or a special person let me know. I don't charge. I might drop a few cuss words, but if the recipient of the poem is over 11 that shouldn't be a problem.

Yesterday Britt and I set out on a journey that led us right back to the couch at 2620. After visiting three Blockbusters in Dallas and calling 4 others we finally found Felicity: Sophomore Year on DVD. To celebrate we watched six episodes.

Britt is back in H-Town (713) for the week, meaning it's up to Angela, Tami and I to hold down the fort. I think we can do that as long as we make it through the week without getting anyone's car stolen. I'm up to the challenge.

Last night Angela expressed sadness at the fact that I am moving out in August. That means Molly and Morgan should be very excited about living with me. I mean, I write poems and can watch television shows for hours on end without complaining. Who wouldn't want to live with me?

Also, I dance to Enrique in the living room.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do you know

LC came home from church today (I've been sick so I slept in) and told me she wished I could have been there to hear it. She said the sermon was called "What drives you," and the preacher talked about ambition verses aspiration. He said that ambition can drive you to the point of sickness and sleeplessness. Then she asked me if I thought it was a coincidence that I've been sick all weekend and that i take prescription sleeping pills. Thanks LC.

Please listen to Enrique's new song.


These are the rules Britt gave me after she decided to let me sleep on her couch for two months. Some of them are understandable. But, let it be known: I don't go around farting.

1 – It's my room. Not "ours."

2 – You can't decorate or bring any of your d├ęcor.

3 – Clean the sink. Clorox wipes are underneath.

4 – No "Thriller" or other 80s posters in the house.

5 – You maybe can't sleep in my bed when I'm there.

6 – Keep the room clean. Make the bed. Tidy. Neat.

7 – No farting.

8 – You can bring pictures, but I might put them in different frames if I don't like yours.

9 – Give me a Polo.

10 – Kiss my ass.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I just have to get this off my chest, which is precisely what this blog is for. I, in no way, shape or form support smiley faces in emails, text messages, blog posts or g-chat conversations. I had just downloaded a new version of g-chat and there were actual emoticons, not just smileys.

I am not in 8th grade.
I used to be, but I graduated last Sunday.
Hats off.

A Glimpse

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what our g-chat conversations typically look like. We used to talk on it a lot more, but now it has to be limited to Fridays because of my work circumstances. Pretty awesome.

2:09 PM Lauren: hey
i just downloaded google talk.
me: cool
gmail still not working?
Lauren: not at all.
oh well.
2:10 PM i just sent you an email about going to the grocery store
2:11 PM me: cool
Lauren: really?
me: chicken breasts
2:12 PM Lauren: sweet
2:16 PM mashed potatoes?
me: hey, i gotta work
2:17 PM Lauren: :-|
2:18 PM :D
me: ha. i might go home and work
Lauren: x-(
me: i need to do laundry.
and no one else is here.
Lauren: :-/
me: except this IT talking on the phone about jesus and pastoring
Lauren: }:)
me: wow... that's a creative one
Lauren: i know...
2:19 PM me: he just said praise god
Lauren: well, praise Him.
um...I'll call you when I leave here
and you can tell me what to get at the groce
me: ok. bye.
Lauren: :'(

Kick me while I'm down.

I take all of my life lessons from Destiny's Child. I mean, Britt, Fergie's great and all, but read these lyrics:

I'm a survivor (what),
I'm not gonna give up (what)
I'm not gon' stop (what),
I'm gonna work harder (what)
I'm a survivor (what), I'm gonna make it
I'm a survivor (what), keep on survivin' (what)

After all of the darkness and sadness,
soon comes happiness
If I surround myself with positive things,
I'll gain posterity

I think it's the third, "what" that gets me. That's the one that pulls me in and encourages me to wake up in the morning. I'll be the first to say I've had a rough-go-of-things the past few months. A really rough go. But, I'll also be the first to say, "I'm not gonna give up (what)." Each and every crap storm that has blown through has taught me a lesson.

So, in these times of trials let's all take a cue from the girls of DC and not give up.

Let's also take a minute to praise Him for the trials. And also, don't forget to pray for little Ricky Ricardo. He stole some stuff of mine and hopefully he gave it to his little sister who is now rocking a sweet Old Navy rain jacket, white converse shoes (that I bought in 10th grade), roller blades, a monster golf club and some CDs. So, if you see a girl (or boy, I guess) rocking out to the Killers or J. Timberlake (how heavy is that) in some Cons and a grey rain jacket give them a shout out!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wake Up. Be Serious.

The following blog is completely true. Everything written happened this morning at approximately 4:30am. The names haven't been changed.

I couldn't get to sleep last night, but finally about 1am I passed out. That's normal. A 4:30am wake-up call from Morgan is not normal.

(Phone rings)

LC: Morgan, what are you doing?
Morgan: I need you to wake up and be serious.
LC: Why what happened?
Morgan: The Dallas police just called me and said that your car was stolen. A 16-year-old Hispanic is driving it.
LC: Shut up. What are you talking about?
Morgan: Just go look outside and see if it's true.
LC: Ok, I'm going to look. (Look out the window.) S#!t! Morgan, it's gone! My car got stolen! What the heck? Why did they call you?
Morgan: I don't know really. Call the cops, here's the number...

So...then, I go and wake-up Tami and I call the cop.

Mike: This is Royal.
LC: This is Lauren Cowling. My car was stolen.
Mike: Do you know why a 16-year-old Mexican was driving your car?
(It takes everything in me not to make a sarcastic comment about how much I hang out with 16-year-old boys)
LC: No. I guess he stole it.
Mike: Well, he has the keys.
(I'm an idiot)
Mike: Do you keep an extra set of keys in the car?
LC: No. Oh, wait. Last week my friend took my car to the airport (shout out to BRITT), I never took the keys out.
Mike: So, you didn't give him the keys?
(Again, had to hold the comment.)
LC: No, sure didn't.
Mike: Ok, well get someone to bring you down here and get your car.

So, Tami wakes up (and is extremely confused) and I call Reggie and I was yelling, so Noelle wakes up and she's all, "What's going on?" I tell her my car got stolen and it's the most excited I've ever seen her and she says, "Can I go?!" The three of us load up into Tami's un-stolen, un-broken into car and head for the scene. When we arrive, I get out and introduce myself and am immediately embarrassed at the state of my car. I have crap in there from like, 1997. Clothes, toys, papers from college, papers from work, pictures, mail...I mean, tons of crap. I apologize for the messiness and Mike says, "Come here and tell us if something is yours or not." In my head I am thinking, "I'm about to get arrested! Someone stole my car and I'm going to jail! I probably have something in my car and don't even know! I'm getting arrested!" Mike shows me a bag of cheese heroine (it's all the rage here in Dallas). I said, "I don't even know what that is!" Mike told me what it was and then told me the whole story about he saw the kid smoking and he noticed the tennis racket in my car and figured it wasn't his racket. The kid told him he bought the car, "two hours ago from a dude." Shady story, kid. Anyway. I have to search the car and it smells like pee cause little kid smoked up in it and then Mike says I can leave.

I really wanted to talk to the kid and tell him I forgive him and that I'm not mad, but confused. I mean, WTF, dawg? Who would want that car. I mean, exact words from Reggie when I called him and said my car was stolen, "Well, who would want that car?" Exactly. Also, I thought it would be a perfect time to tell him about Jesus and his un-conditional love for car-thieves. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to draw the bridge diagram for the kid or tell him about Jesus. I'm going to pray for him though. And I'm serious. I mean, he's doing drugs and stealing cars. Not exactly the high road. That's the great thing though, you can always change. Man, I wish I could've talked to him. He was probably high on cheese heroine though (it's all the rage in Dallas).

What have I learned from this? After you let someone drive your car to the airport take the keys out of the console, actually check to see if you have a car alarm (don't just assume), keep your phone on at all times, it helps to have a messy car (that's how they found Morgan's number to get a hold of me) and I do have some faith in the fine men (and women) of the Dallas Police Department.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ode to Britt

We are besties.

Today (yes, today!) my dear friend and roommate, Britt, turns the big two-three. That's right...23. I have prepared a poem and a few other things.

birthday poem.
twenty three ain't no joke,
turn your life around get off the coke.

that's a j slash k,
you get to celebrate today!

celebrate with glee,
cause girl you are turning twenty damn three.

what, who you?
yeah, you are no longer twenty two.

you invented the damn birthday,
when people see you coming, they get out the way.

tyra says so what,
all my friends think you're hot.

you are the best friend ever,
and this poem is really clever.

i hope your day is really great,
and maybe soon the reverend will take you on a date.

thanks for being alive,
and i hope we're friends when we're 105.

Also, I would like to make a list of things telling you, our readers, about why I am glad Britt is, in fact alive.

I am glad Britt's alive because...

...she makes me laugh. She encourages me to dress better, live cleaner, eat healthier and be nicer. She emails me while we're at work, which makes my day go by faster. She introduced me to salad dressing. She is letting me sleep on her couch and watch her Felicity DVDs. And basically...I'm glad she's alive because she's my friend. A really good one at that.

Happy Birthday, Britt.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Houston Sucks

(L-R) Noelle, LC, Tami, Grish

I have failed to mention the only hitch in the marvelous set-up here at 2620. Britt works in Houston four days a week. That's more than half. Not typically the fun part of the week, but still...

Before she left she decided that maybe sleeping on the couch wasn't good for me. She offered up her bed and somehow everyone found their way up here after-hours. Yes, we hung out in Britt's room without Britt. Sad.

I think I'm going to hire a maid before she comes home. That way I can sleep in here next week, too. Also, if anyone knows how to make a bed and make it look really pretty let me know. That was my only assignment before she left: make the bed before she gets home. That and get her pants out of the living room.

Britt, come home.

What are the odds?

LC has some mad party-planning skills and I have the best friends ever. They threw me the most off-the-chain party ever. There were margs, queso, cake, funny cards, and at least 25 people there. To top it off, the pictures have already been posted onto facebook and comments have already been made. Amazing. Better than icing on the cake in my book and icing is my favorite part.

The only thing that didn’t happen was the guest appearance by Big Al and JC. “I’m so sorry I missed the party. I’ve been having all kinds of problems with my planet email.” Likely story. Come on Big Al. Kidd Kraddick in the Morning just lost about 13 points. I mean, I am the biggest fan and have contributed to the conversion of countless listeners. I’ve made Kidd Kraddick a common topic of conversation among my (large) group of friends. I should probably be paid for advertising for them. Not cool, Al. Not cool. Big Al is going to have to do something big to make up for this one. And JC… well, I kinda have a soft spot for Latinos.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Other Roommates

I think I need to introduce the other room-dawgs of 2620.

In no particular order...

Angela "Grish"/ "Tange" Grisham-- Grish is a big money, ballin' computer auditor (something or other) for PWC. She spends hours upon hours a day auditing computers. No clue. More importanly, AG is genuine and funny. She's quirky and can't hang a shower curtain. The girl ALWAYS has dinner plans and she makes me laugh hard. Also, she cusses. I failed to mention she has a teddy bear that she drags around the house.

Noelle Puryear-- Noelle is fluent in Spanish, which helps when you're a 7th grade Spanish teacher. She drives a VW Bug and claims to have a child. She might be the most well-rounded of the roommates, but that is because she is the oldest and maybe the most mature. She has asked me to spoon at least once during our time together. I'm not making any promises and I don't think she should hold her breath.

Tami Becton-- Awww Sic 'Em! You know, I wish I could tell you what Tami does for a living, but really...I can't tell you. She wears many hats at her job. But, know this-- she keeps kids from getting abducted AND she keeps football coaches informed. two things neither you, nor I can claim. Thanks for making our children safer and our coaches smarter, T Bec. Did I mention that Tami is the President of our accountability group? That's right, she loves Jesus. She's pretty nice, too. This isn't important, but Tami has braces.

Other mentionables: So far Morgan is the only person to stop by more than once.

Brittain's birthday party was a roaring success. I have no doubt that it is due to the person that Brittain is and not to my party planning skills. Go Brittain!


I've never had the gift of affirmation. And I think I've kind of always thought that since it wasn't my gift, I didn't have to give it. I'm learning that people need affirmation - some more than others - and I'm trying to learn how to give it. If you don't live with someone, you should. You can learn a lot.

Also, Ann Carter came to visit us today and I can finally understand why she is going to be LC's child's namesake. She's pretty awesome. And she told me I looked like Nicole Richie in my new red sunglasses... that never hurts.

LC, you look pretty sweet in those teal shades too. Thanks for throwing me a b-day party tonight, inviting Big Al, and getting me People magazine. You are the best.

My Back Kind of Hurts


Last night I slept on the couch. I didn't have a pillow or a blanket. Britt was in a very, "I'm Third" mood and offered me a blanket. The blanket couldn't even make the couch comfortable though. From here on out, if there isn't a bed for me to sleep in I'm sleeping in my car. Legit.

Today, Britt was still in an "I'm Third" mood and she made a grilled cheese sandwhich for lunch. She is clearly quite the chef.

Also, our "parking lot" is full. I guess if Joseph and Mary were outside we'd have to tell them there's no room in the inn. But, I'd try to make room for them. Britt probably would too. I think everyone would.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


About half of everything LC says is an exaggeration, if not completely invalid. So if you continue to read this blog, it's safe to disregard about 50% of what she says.

But she also brings me turkey when I ask and say please. I appreciate that.

6 days and counting...

Britt said she could never live with me. She said I would invade her space. She also gave me a list of rules to live by, which include but are not limited to the following: no decorating, no sleeping in her bed, clean the bathroom after every use and I am not allowed to make any rules. So far so good. I haven't decorated. I've been sleeping on an air mattress. I think I'm her favorite roommate ever.

The new house is bank. I'm not allowed to touch anything, but it looks nice.

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