Thursday, April 30, 2009

pigs, the flu and children.

I tell you what-- when the media (liberal, elite or otherwise) finds something to report on they sure stick to it, which in turns leads to mass hysteria and delusion among the general public.  Recent examples would include, but are not limited to: Obama, Twitter, Miss California and the economy. And, oh yes, I almost forgot-- Susan Boyle. 

I've heard more than one person say they wouldn't have even noticed the economy was in the tank had it not been for the media throwing it up on us every single day. And by throwing up on us, I mean, obnoxiously reporting that we are all going back to 1929 dust bowl-esque type settings before the sun sets next Wednesday. Or was it the Wednesday after next?

Anyway, this whole Swine Flu thing is in full-court press mode. The country's largest school district (Fort Worth) shut its doors until May 11. Why? Because one kid might have swine flu. One kid. One kid in the largest school district in the country. One kid that probably told his mom he had a sore throat. One kid that more than likely suffers from allergies.  I'm all about preventative health care, but this seems a bit over-the-top. Too much, if you will. 

When I was in kindergarten the principal announced over the intercom, "there is an outbreak of fifth disease being reported. Do not touch your mouth to water fountains and please wash your hands." What was the first thing I did? Raised my hand and asked if I could get a drink. Then what did I do? Licked all over that water fountain. Guess what happened next. Yes, I got fifth disease! I missed two or three days of school and then I was fine. 

Granted, fifth disease isn't the swine flu, but all it took was an intercom announcement for a semi-intelligent kindergartner to expose herself to fifth disease-- don't you think a lot of kids are complaining of symptoms they heard about on the news to get out of school? Yes. 

I bet if the media quits twittering about swine flu people will probably be less likely to come down with it, but hey-- I'm no medical expert and I don't play one on tv and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night, I'm just guessing. 

Lord, strike me with a swift kick of the swine flu, if I'm completely insensitive to the hysteria that is sweeping the nation and be with everyone who is suffering. Amen. 


The Smiths said...

Making me usual...with this one LC!

bmayes said...

those fort worth kids would be better left in school. now they're hanging out in the mall and at the movies infecting all of the (many) unemployed people out there.

Caroline said...

lc...i love reading your blog, and this one definitely made me laugh. are ft. worth skills really closed till the 11th?
caroline lamberth

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