Monday, April 13, 2009

risen. risen, indeed.

I tend to analyze things. And by things, I mean everything. Absolutely everything. I am constantly wondering, "what are they thinking?" or "I wonder what went through their head when (blank) happened?"

This happens whether I'm at the mall, watching a movie or reading the Bible.

Yesterday, while sitting in church, to celebrate the fact that THE TOMB was empty, I kept thinking...If Jesus wanted to wash my feet would I be embarrassed by my toenails? I wonder if John was embarrassed...I wonder if Jesus was funny and if he ever made fun of Peter for being an idiot...What was Peter thinking when he cut off that guard's ear? ...How do you fall asleep when Jesus specifically asks nothing of you, but to NOT FALL asleep? I mean, if Jesus is telling me to not fall asleep, I'm never sleeping again!... Were the other disciples like, WTF? when Judas came in and gave Jesus a kiss?...When Mary showed up at the tomb, I wonder if she was just straight up confused as hell? I mean...

Yesterday wasn't the first time I've thought these things or had questions about how people reacted to Jesus...but, I think it may have been one of the first days I had zero questions about why I follow Him and why I have a burning desire in my heart to tell the world His story-- even the internetS.

I know I'm going to have questions and wonder about things for the rest of my life, but I'll never question my Savior or the Cross.

He has risen.
He has risen, indeed.

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Jon Wasson said...

love this.

your questions humanize the characters we often read about but fail to realize the reality of the circumstances they were apart of.

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