Saturday, May 2, 2009

dear danity kane.

Dear Danity Kane, 

What the hell happened? You were on the road to achieving status almost as great as Mandy Moore or possibly even Ashlee Simpson, pre-Pete Wentz. Yeah, you were going to be that big. You could have made cameos on 7th Heaven or land leading roles in poorly made Nicholas Sparks movies. So, I ask-- what happened?

I mean, I liked you more than I like the Judds and I like the Judds about as much as I like Jessica Simpson, pre-chicken of the sea. So, why'd you have to break my heart? Why'd you have to let me down? With hits like, "Damaged" and "Showstoppin'" you were headed straight to Pussycat Dolls type of fame. Yeah, that big. You could've opened up for a struggling Mariah Carey (not that she's struggling, but neither was B. Spears five years ago). 

Danity Kane, I'm just sad. Real sad. That's all. I'll remember you forever. Maybe, just maybe, I can share your "music" with my kids some day and maybe, just maybe, I can put them on a reality tv show and force them to try-out for a "band" that is clearly headed nowhere fast. Now, that's dreaming big. 

Love you forever, 
DK fo' life



Lauren Lashlee said...

Wow, speechless... You are right though... what DID happen to Danity Kane??

Annie said...

I am just as bummed as you are.

Why did P.Diddy have to mess everything up? AGAIN?

I think you need to write P.Diddy a letter instead. Or at least twitter him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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