Friday, April 17, 2009


I've touched lightly on this topic before, but one of my only goals in life is to not be sketchy or shady. To not do things people are unsure of and to lead a life of honesty. For the majority of my life I'm pretty sure I've achieved that (mostly). But, there was this one week where my flesh got the best of me and I went all kinds of shade tree.

Some of my actions were regrettable, but really, they led me to this gem of a friend: Lauren Gene Oswalt Baber (SHOUT OUT). Oswalt is one of my favorites, she's hilarious, loves beer, dogs, twirling hair, fashion, adderrall and Texas. She has great taste in music, friends and blogs.

She's about to complete her first year of law school at the U of A and saying I am proud would be correct, but so would saying I am in shock.

Oswalt this one's for you. Ruven from the internetS oven.

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