Sunday, September 2, 2007

How Much is That Doggy on the Side of the Road?

On the way home from church this morning my oldest friend, Mal-Mal, and I picked up three little doggies on the side of the road. Mal-Mal is sweetest, kindest, most compassionate girl in the world and I couldn't say no to her and three puppies.

Now, my parents have three puppies at their house. They are so ready for me to return to the Big D. Especially since I keep feeding the doggies. And I named them.

I mean, I was just trying to love those dogs like Christ loves me. They are dirty, ragged, filthy, hungry little dogs and I love them. Just like I am dirty, filthy, awful and Christ loves me.

I cannot wait to share that lesson to a Sunday School class some day when I am 45. Money.

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