Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Hills...Engaged and Underage

I have the ultimate love/hate relationship with The Hills. Here's why this week.

I have never been a recovering alcoholic, like our boy, Jason but, I feel like if you're a recovering alcoholic you shouldn't be throwing mega house parties with booze all around you if you're trying to sober up. Why put yourself in that position? And why get engaged? Obviously you're trying to fill a void that alcohol can no longer cover. Seek professional help, son.

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney! Last night was all Whitney! Finally! I think Audrina and LC should make a rule that states, "I will not go anywhere without Lo or Whitney around." Things just go better when Lo and Whitney are around.

Spencer should die. Ok, maybe that statement was a little strong, but come on! The guy is a freak on a leash. The facial hair makes me vom. His outlook on marriage makes me want to cry. And he doesn't want free crap from people? He is mentally challenged.

Side note: if you are ever lucky enough to go shop for a wedding dress with me, please do not tell me how awful my relationship is. And please do not ask me continually if I'm having doubts. The wedding dress place is a place of support and encouragement, whether you're pumped up for the nupitals or not. So, save the bad vibes for Area or La Deux.


Tami Spencer said...

What was the free stuff Jason refused? I don't remember that?

Tami Spencer said...

oops. I meant Spencer...

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