Monday, September 10, 2007

The Hills...LC Speaks Wisdom

I can honestly say that I actually think someone spoke sense to LC. Is it the Holy Spirit? I think so.

LC is speaking words of wisdom to Audrina. Now, normally I wouldn't encourage anyone to take LC's advise on life, because she doesn't make the best decisions, but Audrina can because she's an idiot. Guard your heart, LC. It is the wellspring of life.

Heidi got a promotion and Elodie got screwed. I can only throw a BIG OLE, "HOLY CRAP" out on that one. Spencer must've thrown some money at Brent Bolthouse.

I buy shirts at thrift stores, but I am not a tool. Derek is. Derek is a tool. Vintage doesn't make you cool. If LC says someone makes her want to stab her eyes the guy must suck.

Jason found his personality at rehab! Praise Him! I didn't know it was possible, but he showed signs of being able to start a conversation.

Next week looks promising.

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