Thursday, August 30, 2007

LC's Last Post: Fact or Ficiton

I just want to address LC’s most recent post, “Arkansas Part II.” She makes some bold claims, some of which are true, most of which are not. For the record, here are my true opinions:

1. Mt. Dew = White trash skater drink. And LC's drink of choice.
2. The Clinton Library... Um, no thanks. Please, I used to work for Laura Bush herself.
3. Famous People from Arkansas? Highly unlikely unless you are talking about the Clintons (obvi), or some backwoods family with 27 kids.
4. Dinner with Laurie and Reggie... can hardly contain the excitement! I love LJ already and I am so pumped about meeting ol Reg. That part could not be more true.


Kendal said...

I am jealous of this meeting with Reg. I need to meet that man.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

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