Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Hills Version 4.0

The Hills makes me want to ask someone to poke my eyes out. Here's why this week.

1. Engagement ring hand? As if last week didn't throw enough red flags at Spencer and Heidi's engagement, this one almost takes the cake: when getting her "Kobe Bryant" ring sized Spencer asks, "Well, which one is engagement ring hand? Put it on that one." It is my prayer that someone is in that church/casino/beach to stand up when the preacher/judge/actor says, "Does anyone have any objections?" For the love...someone have an objection.

2. "Home boy wore short shorts and combat boots to the beach!" That LC and this LC are a lot more alike than this LC would ever like to admit. She makes a strong point though-- no one wants to call that their boyfriend.

3. Heidi's Parents seem completely normal and concerned for their daughter and her future. Spencer doesn't have them completely fooled, which leads this LC to believe that more red flags will be flying. Actually, no. Heidi will most likely completely ignore her parents and how they feel and will soon be spray painting, "Spence and Heidi 2gether, 4ever" on her living room wall, while wearing a shirt that says, "Spencer's Little Angel."

4. Lauren Conrad needs new friends. This is a plea for all of the LA readers of the blog-- if you are in a Bible study and you live in LA, call Lauren and invite her to fellowship with you. Please? She needs some encouragement.

This week I have once again committed the "stars" of The Hills to prayer in hopes that they find Jesus and new friends before they start smoking crack on a semi-regular basis.

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