Monday, November 21, 2011

no, thank you.

I'm about to get all THANKFUL up in herrre (up in herrre).

Oh, snap! Let's get our thankful on.

I never want to grow weary of being able to reflect on the incredibly fortunate and full life that I lead.

So, in kind of a particular order I am thankful for...

My nephew. That kid ain't ugly.

My family. They quit asking questions. 

My friends. Both at home and away. 

My church. The Gospel is real. 

My roommates. They are good people. 

My job. They keep paying me.

DVR. I want to meet the man that invented DVR and shake his hand.

the InternetS. Keeps me on my toes. 

The Arkansas Razorbacks. Forever. And always.

Hour hour.  Truly happy.

Books. What if I could only entertain myself with Bravo TV?

*I am also thankful for: g-chat, pizza, vodka, cameras, the presidents, America, calculators, cookies, weather that doesn't suck, shampoo, sweatpants, chap stick, vision, hearing, my working legs, electricity, indoor plumbing, brake lights, coffee, good music, colors, watches, Friday afternoons, stress balls, people who volunteer to drive to places, dentists, fishing shirts, wallabees, fleece vests, and water.

*This list is not all inclusive. 

Also, it wasn't listed on here, but I'm incredibly thankful for the saving and redeeming Grace of Jesus Christ. 

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