Friday, November 18, 2011

holiday gift guide 3.

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas morning this gift guide becomes more and more important. Let's not hold out on the thoughtfulness any longer!

Giant Folding Lawn Chair
For: The Tailgater
Why: Because sometimes tailgating is fun, but not comfortable. With this giant (ass) chair, it can now be both.   
Bonus: You can snuggle with up to three (small) adults in this chair. 

Remote Control Cooler
For: The Alcoholic
Why: Let's be honest, if someone is drunk the last thing you want them doing is moving around. With this gift the cooler comes to them!
Bonus: It spins! Could double as entertainment. 

Giant Couch for Dogs
For: The Crazy Dog Lover
Why: Because crazy people like to cuddle with their dogs.   
Bonus: It comes with a bone pillow!

Bald Eagle Wall Decor
For: The American
Why: Because Americans needs a way to tell people, "I'm American dammit!" without playing Toby Keith songs on a loop. 
Bonus: Could double as a coat rack, if hung low enough. 

Panda Rain Gauge
For: Those Obsessed with Collecting Rain
Why: I honestly do not know why I would buy this for anyone, but that doesn't mean that you don't know someone, right?!  
Bonus: Proceeds from your purchase go towards the World Wildlife Fund. 

Amazing Rainbow Projector
For: The Rainbow Lover
Why: Because sometimes is just doesn't rain enough and you need to see a rainbow to be reminded of God's promises.   
Bonus: Turn on the rainbows with a wave of your hand for extra magical appeal

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