Friday, November 25, 2011

holiday gift guide 4.

It's black Friday, internetS, but you already knew that. And you probably don't have to go stand in line at JC Penney this morning, because you've been taking advice from this web log and buying thoughtful gifts for your loved ones for weeks now.

You're welcome.
Cat Tree
For: The Cat Lover/Tree Lover
Why: Because cat people are people, too   
Bonus: Durability. This tree can last for years and years. Double bonus? Fabulous conversation piece.  

Giant Gummy Worm
For: The Gummy Worm Lover
Why: Because it's fun and filling.   
Bonus: If you get this little treat for the main man in your life, you probably won't be cooking dinner for at least three days! 

Lotus Flower Carved Box
For: The Lotus Lover/Box Collector
Why: Because when someone needs (or wants) a box, you want to give them a decorative one.   
Bonus: It's a pretty box AND it's a flower!

Candle Shadow Projector
For: The Modern Art Lover
Why: Because who wants a boring ole painting, anyway?   
Bonus: Warmth. 

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