Friday, November 4, 2011

holiday gift guide.

Seeing as how it's half-past Halloween and below 60 degrees in beautiful Dallas, it's clearly time for the Holidays. To me, the Holidays are for family, food and giving (and receiving). I pride myself on being a thoughtful gift giver (well, there's an anomaly, eh?).  

In order to help you, the internetS, be a thoughtful gift giver this Holiday season, every Friday until Crimmas this web log will feature thoughtful gift-giving advice for every member of your family or google+ circle. 

Shall we dive directly into the shallow end of the pool? 
Let's dance.

Large Mouth Bass Salt and Pepper Holder
For: The Fisherman in Your Life
Why: Because you want to enjoy what your fisherman enjoys, right? And you need salt and pepper on your meat and potatoes. 
Bonus: You get to eat your appropriately salted (or peppered) food AND stare down the mouth of a fake large mouth bass. 

Resting Gargoyle Sculpture
For: Your Favorite Architecture Buff
Why: Because most cities in America don't have the grandiose (or even subtle) gargoyles across the tops of buildings like a lot of European buildings. 
Bonus: This gargoyle looks like Europe, in your home! Classy. 

Hammer/Bottle Opener
For: The Handyman in Your Life (Who Might Have a Drinking Problem)
Why: Because how many times have you, or your loved ones, been hammering something and thought, I'm hammering this thing and I'm about to open this beer. I wish this hammer could open the beer? I can tell you that the number of times this has happened to me is more than I would ever care to admit. 
Bonus: Saves time. Saves money.

Martini Shaped Necklace
For: Your Favorite Classy Alcoholic
Why: Alcoholics are hard to shop for: you can't give them money and you don't want to feed their addiction. Problem solved with this gem! 
Bonus: Can really class up an outfit and it's a great conversation piece. 

Mobile Massage System
For: Hard Worker in Your Life
Why: Why not?! People love to relax, to feel better. People love it when a loved one says, "Hey, you look like you've had a rough day, can I work out the knots in your lower back without touching you?" 
Bonus: It's mobile!

Gold-dipped Rose
For: Hard-to-Shop-For-Lady/Mom/Grandmother/Aunt
Why: Ladies love flowers, but flowers die. This says you care, you want them to know you care and that you know flowers die. 
Bonus: Decor year-round. 

Giant Stuffed Animals
For: A Small Child
Why: Because you don't want to spend all of your Christmas vacation listening to Elmo sing/watch him dance. 
Bonus: These things double as a jungle gym, too. 


Natalie Grace said...

Gosh- Great!
Thank you!

Morgan said...
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Laurie J said...

Your dad said he wanted the hammer/bottle opener...Personally, I think he'd LOVE the fish salt and pepper...

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