Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm feeling a little nostalgic this morning, as the gates of Kanakuk should be flying open for staffers today (I could be wrong, it's been a few years. So, if not today in the very near future).

While reminiscing with a dear friend from my ole K-2 days, Coops (SHOUT OUT), I was reminded of why I loved spending three summers at a camp with no air conditioning, nasty water, chiggers and food that was less than wonderful-- the people. I made great friends there. Most of them are still my friends, minus a few who I'll try not to talk about. Ie; bMayes

I think my favorite thing about my friends from there was usually the moment in which we realized we were actual friends and not just "camp friends." That usually happened over an alcoholic beverage* or during a completely inappropriate rap song**. I mean, you know you're friends with someone when you can role-play with the bridge diagram one minute and shake it fast to Nelly the next. Oh yes, that's true friendship. 

Anyway-- here's to not showering in a community shower where the biggest challenge is getting in and out of the shower without touching the shower curtain or the cinder block wall. Here's to Mexican food night where inevitably a bowel movement will happen within minutes of consuming a burrito. Here's to Saturday afternoons spent trying to figure out if you just ate chicken or turkey. Here's to 2-4s spent at Wal-Mart. Here's to dancing inappropriately where no one can see.  Here's to you Kanakuk, next time, the Thirster's on me, not grape Thirster

* No alcoholic beverages were ever consumed while actually working at Kanakuk or before anyone was 21 years old. Kanakuk does not support alcohol, legal or otherwise.

** Rap music and dancing is another story, although Kanakuk does not support it either. 

And because they are going to ask for it: K-Nast (SHOUT OUT), Tay-Tay Woo-Face (SHOUT OUT), Klique (SHOUT OUT), LD (now, P) (SHOUT OUT), Reece the Beast (SHOUT OUT), Becky (SHOUT OUT) and of course,  **Jordan Parker (SHOUT OUT, who inspired me to blog in the first place. 


Jordan said...

Despite getting no shout out~ I will still say: hahahh. Loved the post. I miss kamp a lot too! And I actually loved the food! I miss all the attempts to find a kanakuk husband. And I love the alcohol comment~ "legal or otherwise". Aw, kamp.

Lauren Lashlee said...

Wow... that took me back. Taking a shower and trying to get out without touching the shower curtain... BAHAHA! And I almost cried while reading it to the Rhettster. Funny stuff..

Tracy Moses said...

Hey there LC! Stevie Estler told me about yo blog.. When I saw this post it definitely gave me a smile. And what you saying about the food?! I was the cook:). Well, to be honest I could hardly eat it. Especially fried chicken Sundays, once I saw how it was made I said NO!
Any-who I hope you're swell.
Peace - Tracy Moses

Katharine said...

"I mean, you know you're friends with someone when you can role-play with the bridge diagram one minute and shake it fast to Nelly the next." maybe the funniest sentence i have ever laid eyes on. not a joke.

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