Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thankfully, I am alive and I am well. 

Thankfully, I have a job, one that I like going to everyday.

Thankfully, I have hair that continues to defy statistics.

Thankfully, I have two parents who love me and each other.

Thankfully, those parents raised me to know Jesus.

Thankfully, I have friends that care about me just as much as my family. 

Thankfully, my best friend is daring and moved to South America, so I could visit. 

Thankfully, the water in my apartment is paid for, because my shower leaks like crazy. 

Thankfully, Southwest flies to Little Rock and I can get there for a very small fee. 

Thankfully, I live in a country where opinions are allowed and welcome. 

Thankfully, people everywhere are learning about Franklin Pierce. 

Thankfully, there is another football season ahead for the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

Thankfully, the Lord continues to mold me and change me daily. 

Thankfully, my roommate has a sense of humor and a listening ear. 

Thankfully, some smart, smart man invented DVR. 

Thankfully, Beyonce continues to bless the world with her music. 

Thankfully, Skype is free.

Thankfully, Gap occasionally has items on sale. 

Thankfully, I get to spend this Thanksgiving holiday in a warm house, with lots of food on the table.


jsw said...

You are right. Susan DID get me. I should read your blog more. I miss the way you view life.

jsw said...

Also, the Beyonce thing. Don't worry, my roommates and I are learning the dance.

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