Monday, November 17, 2008

crimmas list.

Every year around this time I'm faced with the fortunate dilemma of creating a Christmas list for my family to pick and choose from. This year, being no different from last, I am having an immense amount of trouble coming up with anything to tell them.

I have decided to post my Christmas list for the world to see.

Dear Family,

As economic times have hit us all hard this year, it is with great pleasure that I present to you, Christmas 2008, in list form. I hope you will notice that I went less extravagant than usual, but also have kept in mind that gas prices are declining at rapid pace, opening up the floor for even more Christmas goodies under the tree. Remember the reason for the season and that the more you give, the more you (could possibly) get in return from me.


The list:
1. Pony (will accept unicorn)
2. Spinners for the CR-V
3. Hannah Montana tickets (you may have to pull out the big guns for this one)
4. Mustard colored Doc Martens (to replace the ones I got in 1998)
5. Live-in chef (I'm trying to eat better)
6. Scuba gear (I love to try new things)
7. Champion show Poodle (that I can breed and sell the puppies)
8. Any animal on the endangered species list (really want to help the environment more, but am not into recycling)
9. Karaoke machine (to work on my American Idol try-out)


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

You forgot a plane ticket to come to see Eliana!!!

Natalie Grace said...

1. I have some flowered doc marten boots from 1998- will those work?
2. Zog has a keyboard... maybe we could work out a duet for american idol.
3. Does your family call you ln because you all have the last initial c?

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