Monday, November 10, 2008

profound thoughts from 8th grade.

8th grade in Russellville, Arkansas at Gardner Junior High meant two things: career orientations class and holding your bladder upwards of eight hours, as to not use the school restrooms. I mean, at least that is what I remember about 8th grade at Gardner Junior High School.

One day my career orientations teacher, Mrs. Lemley, took us on a field trip to the Pope County Detention Center. Side note: completely ironic that we took a career oriented field trip to a jail. When exiting the bus, Mrs. Lemley looked at me and said, "remember: for something to be interesting, you must first be interested."

Those words still ring true today, even though I am even less interested in the Pope County Detention center today than I was in 1998.

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Kay Daniels said...

Do you suppose that comment would work with the boys in my 7th period Algebra II class? Maybe I should try it.......I'm sure that would motivate them to really engage and work hard!!

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