Monday, February 27, 2012

the dallas life.

Many, many years ago this very web log started for the purpose of documenting my living experience with my BFF, (Laura) Britt(ain). It was a short experience, around six weeks, but the blog lived on. And somehow, miraculously, the friendship lived on.

Since that time, the blog has changed a lot. Mainly, it's not a place for me to air my life happenings or goings-on. But, from time to time, that needs to happen. Someday, when I'm running for a United States Senate seat and this blog becomes public, I need people to know that my life is made up of much more than recapping terribly shitty reality television programs.

Tomorrow marks the end of an era in my Dallas life. Tomorrow, my BFF, this blog's co-creator, is getting on a plane bound for Santa Barbara, California and she only got a one-way ticket.

It's the end of an era indeed.

I moved to Dallas five and a half years ago. When I moved here I had never eaten salad dressing on a salad (or on anything for that matter), I didn't drink wine and I didn't have my ears pierced. (To be fair, she had nothing to do with getting my ears pierced, but at times, she's let me borrow earrings and once, she broke a pair of my earrings.)

Now, I (sometimes) eat salad dressing, I know the difference between cheap wine, good wine and just lots of stuff about wine and I wear the same pair of earrings everyday. Britt has had a lot to do with all of that.


Thinking about the beginnings of this blog I went back and read some posts from long ago, here are the highlights:

June 3, 2007 // from LC // "Brittain's birthday party was a roaring success. I have no doubt that it is due to the person that Brittain is and not to my party planning skills. Go Brittain!" // So true. That party was a success. People love Laura Brittain.

July 2, 2007 // from Brittain // "Maybe one day we will have a functional relationship." // I think we're almost there. Almost. 

July 17, 2007 // from LC // "Last night I was house-sitting in Arlington. I was super bored, so I decided to call Britt. I said, "Britt, how do you do this? I'm so bored." I felt like for the first time ever I could relate to her and her travels. I said, "What should I do?" She said, "Why don't you call a friend?" I was on the phone with her when she said this. // Sounds really right. 

August 8, 2007 // from LC // "I guess there are worse things to be associated with. After all, "Brittain!" is way better than, "washed-up-druggie with kids!" // I still find this to be really true.

In the last five years, through Britt, I've learned a lot about community and friendship. About design and fashion. About faith and reason. And about myself. I'm not an easy person to love, but Britt loves me well.

It's the end of an era, but not the end of a friendship (I mean, hopefully. You honestly never know, right?).

In trying to write this blog, this internetS goodbye of sorts, I told a dear mutual friend to Britt and me that it was all becoming too dramatic and then she told me the perfect way to end it.

"Bye, bitch."

You are loved.

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