Friday, September 23, 2011

where i shop.

People are always blogging about where they shop.
In turn, people are always like, "gUrl, where do you shop?"

Well, internetS, wait no more. Want to get like me? Here you go.

Where do I spend a lot of money and they definitely know my name? PK's Fine Wine and Spirits. I mostly go for the spirits.

Looking for me between 5:05 pm and 5:25pm on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday? Try the local Kro-Gay at Cedar Springs and Douglas. I spend more time there wondering if they'll start stocking egg whites than you could ever fathom. I would guess that at least, 3/8 of each paycheck is spent at Kroger.

I guess, technically, I don't "shop" at Exxon, but I sure as hell do spend a lot of money there. I might get "Tiger Marrrt" tattooed on my lower back to prove my loyalty sooner than later.

When I want to hate myself or eat really good food that feels like I actually cooked it-- I go here. I'm probably at Eatzi's 3 days a week. If you want to meet a nice yuppy man, you should venture in. If you want to meet a gay man who likes fancy cheese, you should venture in.

Well, you've seen where I shop.

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