Monday, July 26, 2010

the elsie: and the winner is...

If you don't follow this web log much, you probably have no idea what The Elsie is and you may not even care. But, if you do follow and you do care, the time has finally come...the announcement of inaugural Elsie award winners.

Please remember: The Elsie was created to award those people in my life who are making it better. The people who are constantly striving to entertain me, inform me and shock me. The people who make me laugh, cry and shriek in terror.
And: All Elsie awards being awarded are from the time period April 2010-July 2010. All Elsie awards were voted on by me and are completely and totally subjective. Some categories have a runner-up. Some don't.
Note: I've done my best to compile screen shots and examples of the actual winning posts/texts/tweets, etc;

Best Unprovoked Facebook Wall Post:

Mallory took this one home for several reasons, but mostly because I think it’s the funniest thing she’s ever said to me. I’ve known Mallory longer than I’ve known anybody else in my life and typically she’s not my witty friend. However, on this particular day she pulled out all the stops and dug deep into her Facebook wall-posting skills and referenced a quote from an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras,” which ultimately led her to the prize.

Saint and I have always shared a deep relationship over Facebook, so when I got her wall post out of nowhere one day about a Michael W. Smith AND Lynrd Skynrd concert on the same day I peed everywhere.

Best Response to a Facebook Wall Post:

bMayes was a run-away winner in this category. I mean, I called her an idiot and look what she retorted back with. She was not only snarky and witty, but she also put me in my place and reminded me that I should be more like Jesus even when posting on someone else’s Facebook wall. Touche, B. Touche.

Best Use of a Facebook Status to Express Emotion:

One thing I love about my dear friend, Lauren, is that she tells me how it is all the time. She isn’t afraid to express herself. On this particular day Lauren ignored what might be considered “normal” and told the world about her sadness due to the break-up of Heidi and Spencer. I admire her for that.

Best Use of a Facebook Status to Create Intrigue:

If you haven’t had the extreme pleasure of meeting Priscilla Jane-Angie, you’re really missing out. That’s all I can say about that.

Best Use of a Facebook Profile Picture:

This was another category that had a run-away winner. Cari is funny, funny, funny and I’m certain no profile picture(s) has ever made me laugh harder.

Best Use of Facebook to Promote an Animal:

This category was the tightest race of all the categories, but because Jessica Dean was stepping way beyond the bounds of what is normal for her, she took it home. This dog has transformed my friend’s world and she has, with reckless abandon, made it her job to let the world know how much she loves her dog, Finn Alice.

Best Use of Facebook (Period):

Mary Virginia Bain Grandle is awesome at everything she does. Facebook included.

Best @lncow Mention via Twitter:

This one was tough, but ultimately the complexity of this tweet led Sarah Barnes to the winners’ circle. I like that she acknowledges that Jesus is completely responsible for our friendship and that she is doing her damndest not to ignore that or be upset by it. Which, to me, is admirable. So often we ignore the Lord’s will for us—especially when it comes to loving others. Barnes does not ignore the Lord when it comes to loving me or others.

Best Use of Twitter to Promote One's Self:

Seeing as how D.O. and Dean both have jobs that put them in a place to promote themselves regularly (I’m speaking of D.O.’s photography, not his church planting), it’s kind of surprising that bMayes walked away the winner here. However, go read her most recent tweets and you’ll find that she plugs herself and her “awesomeness” much more than anything or anyone else.

Best Use of Twitter and Citing Quotes:

@ElizabethGarton’s use of Twitter to quote people around here is both embarrassing and hilarious, not to mention: HUMBLING.

Best Picture Sent Via Text Message:

Another extremely tight race, Morgan Stallings took this one home because she actually received this photo from a stranger and then passed it on. So, you could say the stranger wins, but really, we all win because we get to see this.

Best Response to a Mass Text:

The original text, sent to five people about excitement over a soon-to-be released book by one of my favorite authors: Sloane Crosley has a new book coming out June 15!!!!! I’m pre-ordering it! Carla’s response, sent months later, after I had begun to read the book resulted in the best exchange ever over text message.

My brother’s response to a text sent to about six others which read nothing but, “AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was completely appropriate and hilarious.

Best Unprovoked Text Message:

This was a no-contest. You can see why.

A hearty congratulations to all the winners and a big, "too damn bad" all those nominated and not chosen.


Morgan said...

I'd like to thank the individual at 214-695-5250 for that gift of a picture....if only random people texted me pictures like this every day....Life sure would be exciting.

I'd like to thank the Academy, My mom, all my friends who encouraged me to spread the love of that picture to the world, and God for providing me the sense of humor to know how funny an old lady with a chihuahua crawling on her is.

Mary Virginia said...

Thank you for letting me win over a cabbage patch doll. My life would have been over if I hadn't.

Corby and Lauren said...

Wow... I really didn't see this coming.

I would like to thank the "remember me" button on facebook for always being reliable. Without it, this emotional status update would've never happened.

D.O. said...

There's always next year...

Erin said...

not sure how long the Elsies have been happenin' but i'm totally bummed i didn't get an honorable mention for giving you the name elsie, which didnt really stick, 10-ish years ago! maybe next time!

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