Wednesday, October 7, 2009

quickly losing hope.

More and more often I'm reminded that I am not of this world and this world is absolutely not my home. Most of these occurrences take place either while driving or while watching reality television. On the road and on television I constantly see people who desperately need Jesus in their lives. Unfortunately, while on the road I'm the least likely person to remind someone of their eternal life in Heaven and the people on television can't seem to hear me when I'm yelling, "If you would go to church and quit getting hair extensions you might not be on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for the 11th time while battling alcoholism. Also, if you're a recovering alcoholic why in the world would you go on this show? Why put yourself in that situation? I hate you!"

I agree that it's weird that the majority of the time I'm reminded that my daily mission should be to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world is while driving or watching television, but hey-- conviction is conviction. It takes a village.

Anyway. This morning, while driving and flipping through radio stations I heard a song, for the second time, that literally made me weep. The first time I heard it I thought, "surely, this isn't real. This is a joke. I'm not hearing this." The song is a for-sure-to-be classic, "Baby by Me" by the ever-encouraging 50 Cent. In the lyrics, 50 states, "Have a baby by me.. Baby! Be a millionaire" He repeats this no less than 62 times in three minutes. Which, really, is quite impressive.

This song just proved, again, that there is no rest when carrying the Gospel.

And also-- I think I'm going to finally get one of those Jesus fish to go on the back of my car. It takes a village.

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Annie said...

I hope you are a good driver!

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