Friday, October 16, 2009

oh, interesting.

First off, CNN said it best, "He was in a box. In the attic. The whole time." Yes, I'm talking about Balloon Boy. The second I read that his sibling saw him go up in the balloon and not an adult I knew that kid was not in the balloon. I just really wonder what kind of media coverage I would get if I floated away in a balloon. It's something I'm willing to research.

Also, are these people friends with the Palin family? I mean, the kid's name is Falcon. And they were on Wife Swap. Some complete weirdos go on that show, which answers a lot of questions I have about the whole situation and then brings up even more concerns at the same time. Maybe they should try going on SuperNanny so they don't have to yell at the kid so much that he hides in an attic for three hours. Oh yeah, why wasn't this kid in school?

I will give props to this family for one thing: the kids are allowed to cuss inside the house, but not outside the house. A family that can cuss together can laugh together. And a family that can laugh together can watch their child vomit on national television and not skip a spotlight-seeking beat.

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Sarah-Bella said...

I completely agree. I yelled out loud while I was watching Good Morning America about this nonsense. The Wife Swap Superstars made me late to work!

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