Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you can't be serious/ i'd like to punch most americans.

Alright, alright...if you know me personally or you've read this blog, say, ever you know that I'm not drinking the Obama kool-aid. But, you also know that I'm not drinking a lot of anyone's kool-aid (I'm speaking to you especially, Mr. Glenn Beck and even more so to you, Miss Brittany Mayes).

So, yesterday our boy, 44, gave a speech to America's school children. The speech was supposed to be broadcast in every classroom in every school in the nation. But, then some idiot parents got their republican, Fox-News-watching panties in a wad and started an uproar, which led to a lot of schools not broadcasting the speech forcing thousands of children to sit through the school day without a 15-minute break to watch television.

When I first got wind of these extremely over-dramatic and definitely no-spin-zone loving parents not wanting the President of the (freakin') United States to speak directly to their child for fear of political brainwashing I was absolutely astonished! I mean, COME ON. It's not like Obama and his team of boyz sat up one night talking about ways to undermine America and said, "Let's start with six-year-olds!" And I seriously doubt baby mama Michelle came up with the idea by saying, "We gotta get 'em young, like tobacco!"

No way. The man, our President, was simply trying to encourage (see: to spur on; inspire with courage, spirit or hope) America's young school children to get an education, to work hard, to believe that they can accomplish things. He encouraged them to set goals for their education. Holy crap! Set goals? Work hard? Believe in your abilities? Turn that shit off and get back to the math!

Let's be honest, these parents who were so against this were probably looking for a few minutes of fame and really wanted to talk about their glory days of being the lead in their school's seventh period production of Fiddler on the Roof or the time they scored six points in the JV game against their cross-town rivals. And I seriously doubt half the parents even know what their kids are learning on a daily basis anyway. Plus, it's the beginning of the year and we all know nothing really starts happening in school until at least October.

If you're one of these parents who thinks the President should stay out of child's education, then I also hope that you won't be asking Mr. President for any money or food or health care.

Beggers can't be choosers.

Also, I still don't want any of 44's money, food, health care or Kool-Aid.
Unless it's tropical punch flavored.


Sarah said...

Sarah Barnes like this.

The Smiths said...

TOTALLY agree with you on this!

Laurie J said...

It wasn't even an option for us to watch it. It was only on 7 count 'em 7, stations at the same time last night.

How dare these parents for being offended to their chid taking responsibility for their education! The very IDEA! Aren't you glad I made YOU take responsibility!

Brittany said...

haha, lol-ing.

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