Wednesday, September 23, 2009

age is relative.

I'm dangerously close to turning 26. I have a car payment. I pay taxes. I pay my car insurance. All of that to me means I'm an adult. I'm not very good at being an adult because I'd still rather spend my money on walkie talkies than put it into savings, but day-by-day I'm getting the hang of it more and more.

This morning I was up way earlier than normal, so I decided to catch up on the latest episode of Gossip Girl. It pains me to let the internetS know that I watch that show. See the above for why.

After Gossip Girl ended and I found myself thinking out loud, "How does Serena's hair always look messy, but clean..." I changed the channel to MTV while I readied myself for work and the adult world of insurance policies and phone calls that involve phrases like, "Let me crunch some numbers and check some files and get back to you." As I was getting ready and listening to MTV a P!nk song came on. Like most of her jamz it was kind of catchy-- something about clowns, burning stuff down and eating lettuce out of a hat. I caught a glimpse of the video. She was marching around a house on fire and clowns were eating strawberries and people were playing hopscotch (OR SOMETHING). I sat and watched aghast: how is it ok for an adult to act like this? I mean, I'm all for being a kid at heart and having fun and throwing stuff off of bridges, but come on-- when is it time to just be responsible? Can't P!nk make music and be a musician without acting all crazy-freak? Maybe that's her M.O. and I'm just now catching on.

Who knows, really.

I think I'm just really frustrated because, seriously, I watch Gossip Girl and that's just something I never thought I'd do or enjoy. I mean, when is it going to end? When is the Lord Jesus going to answer my prayers? When is he going to rid me of this love for terrible pop music and trashy teenage television shows?

I guess this is just my cross to bear.


In This Wonderful Life said...

well hello there :) how are ya?

Annie said...

Do you not get tired? It seems like you never sleep!

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