Tuesday, March 3, 2009

not shocking.

Come on, who was honestly shocked last night while watching The Bachelor? I know this is a family- friendly blog, that constantly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so you'll have to forgive me for the following: what a piece of shit. I mean, that is all that comes to mind. That asshole of a Bachelor is nothing but a piece of shit. 

He's like a senior in high school, dates the senior girl, his equal all throughout high school, then it's time for prom and suddenly, he breaks up with the senior girl and asks out the sophomore. Piece. of. Shit. 

Jason is not awesome, but I guess he is normal. I'll give him credit for that. I hope Molly buys some new jeans for Jason. His flare leg denims are stressing me out, period. 


jenn said...

amen, sista. miss you. i'm lame and so is my work. i would love to see you soon...:)

RachB said...

Your blog makes my day... I love it. And I hate the stupid Bachelor. This post is the greatest

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