Friday, December 9, 2011

holiday gift guide 6.

Can I be vulnerable with you, internetS? When I started out on this holiday gift guide journey a few weeks ago I wasn't intending on changing anybody's life. But, after weeks of researching kind and thoughtful gifts for everyone I've changed my mind. 

I do want to change the world-- one meaningful gift at a time. 


For: The Wildly Modest gUrl
Why: Because modest is hottest! If you have a friend that is already super modest and wants to cover up her extremities, this is the gift! Or maybe you have a friend that should be a little more modest? Well, here's a great start!
Bonus: Stylish for ANY occasion!

Jesus Playing Soccer Sculpture

For: The Soccer Playing Christian
Why: Because soccer players love Jesus and Jesus loves them! 
Bonus: It doubles as a witness tool. Invite your non-believing friends over for a soccer match and let the converting begin!

Tentacle Mermaid Plush Doll

For: The gUrl Who Has EVERYTHING
Why: Because she doesn't have this. 
Bonus: She's made from fleece making her extra cozy! Snuggle up, gUrl who has everything!

OCD Cutting Board

For: OCD Person Who Loves to Cook
Why: Because pleasing OCD people is hard and this is one step to loving them through their OCD-ness. 
Bonus: The carrots in your meal will all be cut EXACTLY the same size, so after you eat one you'll know just how much to chew each and every carrot!

Pocket Saw

For: Anyone (Really)
Why: Because we've all walked around and thought, "If I could only cut that brick in half!" 
Bonus: It cuts through iron, steel, aluminum, wood and more! 
Double Bonus: It fits in your pocket!

Extendable Sock Aid

For: The Laziest Person You Know
Why: Because we're all tired of helping our lazy friends put on their socks. 
Bonus: You can put on your socks WITHOUT bending over. 
Double Bonus: No more strained back muscles after an exhausting foray into putting your socks on!

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Tami said...

There were more than one of these that I feel were hand selected for my husband. Thanks for your help in finding the perfect Christmas gifts. You're as good as Leslie Knope.

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