Friday, December 2, 2011

holiday gift guide 5.

Oh, man, internetS! Only 23 shopping days left.

I'm not anywhere near done with my shopping, but I have a feeling that you all will be after this week's gift guide! I think we've covered every single person in every family out there. 

What are you waiting on?! Give, give, give!

Yellow Lab Sculpture

For: The Yellow Lab Lover
Why: Because sometimes dogs die, but visitors to your home need to know that you still love yellow labs.
Bonus: It's a cute puppy!

Vase with a Face
For: The Florist
Why: Because clear vases are so overdone and well, BORING!  
Bonus: I think that speaks for itself, right?! It's clearly a conversation starter that also holds flowers! I mean, I've never owned a vase that sparked a conversation, but now I can!

Giant Car Pillow
For: The Weary Traveler
Why: Because sometimes the Chevy Lumina isn't as comfortable as your bed.   
Bonus: To be honest, I'm not sure there are any bonuses associated with this gift. First off, you're clearly encouraging your passenger to sleep while you drive. Second, it's very large and probably hard to store. I cannot be certain, but I do not think the precious older lady comes with the pillow, so no bonuses.

Dog Car Seat
For: The Dog Owner Concerned with Safety
Why: Because dogs are all some people have and they need to be protected while traveling in a moving vehicle. 
Bonus: No more dog hair on your car seats! Now, it's all confined to the dog car seat.

Faux Fur Animal Hats
For: The Fashionista
Why: Because even stylish people get cold. 
Bonus: Can be worn for high fashion purposes or in the woods for hunting.

Wedding Ring Sculpture
For: The Newlyweds
Why: Because newlyweds are hard to shop for!  
Bonus: A constant reminder to the newlyweds to take their vows seriously. Double bonus! It's also a vase.

Panckae Bean Bag
For: The Funky Foodie who Likes Sitting on the Floor
Why: Because bean bags are ugly!
Bonus: Comes with butter pillows!

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Morgan said...

comes with butter pillows!
serious question: where are the handerpants?!!?!?

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