Friday, June 17, 2011


Tomorrow our President and our Speaker of the House will meet for a round of golf. I can't predict the future, but I'd guess that they'll head off to Chili's for some skillet queso after the 18th hole, too. I mean, why not?

During this meeting nothing is expected to happen. No one will prevail a winner for their party and a new budget will not be agreed upon. Unless this is a perfect world. Because then all of those things will happen and Planned Parenthood and Medicare will romp together underneath a rainbow of cash flow. Everyone will have health insurance, the health insurance of their choosing, I might add and kids in public schools across the country will become, good, nay great (!) at math because of better funding for education.

This golf game could be just what this country needs to fix unemployment and pull troops out of Afghanistan. Part of me is even starting to wonder if there was a secret game sometime between Obama and al Qaeda. It wasn't water-boarding that led us to Bin Laden! It was golf! Of course.

This golf game has really made me wonder: what if other political foes had golfed together in the heat of disagreement?

Had Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr simply gotten together at the driving range, rather than some obscure locale in New Jersey maybe this country wouldn't have lost one of its founding fathers to stupidity. If only...

And what about Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglass? Can you imagine them on the golf course rather than debating? Abe Lincoln golfing would have been a real hoot.

The Civil War probably could've been avoided if someone would've just challenged someone else to a few holes of golf, the winner deciding in favor of or against states' rights.

So many what many...

Game on.

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