Friday, August 28, 2009


  • You may remember this post about Miley Cyrus and a certain Daughtry song: well, guess what? Driving down the road yesterday the Daughtry sang came on (not shocking, it plays about six times an hour) and wincing in pain and much enjoyment, I listened. To. the. whole. thing. The DJ came on and you know what he told me? You'll never guess. He told me that the Nickelback guy (Chad Trashsomethingorother) co-wrote the Daughtry song! Kick me twice and then call me Nancy. I will never listen to that song again.

  • Last month I wrote about the term normal and in that post I kind of went off on Ed Hardy. For good reason: horribly ugly, over-priced, usually bedazzled (which, in most cases is actually a plus) and of course, a good majority of the products feature a tiger's head. Anyway. Walgreen's is now selling Ed Hardy lighters. Super classy.

  • Someone in Dallas, not too far from my homestead, is going around and mutilating cats and then leaving the bodies in the yard where they can be spotted. I just want to get it out there that I do not condone this type of activity, nor will I ever. But, I did let out some gigglez when the news flashed a picture of one of the dead cats onto the screen and he was wearing a teeny-tiny little baseball hat, much like the cat below.

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