Thursday, August 6, 2009

an open letter to the 111th congress.

Hey Congress,

You had to know this was coming. I mean, if you know anything, you know that people don't like to sit idly by while their elected officials royally F-up this great nation. Hell, I don't like to sit idly by while people are doing something wrong on a television show that is years old and not relevant to my real, actual life. So, why would I let your poor decisions go by the wayside, too?

You might be relieved to find out this letter has nothing to do with HR3200 (America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009), which I think is about two days away from actually being titled "Shit Show 3200." No, this is about your recent decision to purchase three Gulf Stream jets to the sum of $200 million. I guess $200 million is nothing when the national debt is upwards of $11,666,833,530,882. I can see that, but...really? Was this the best thing for me? Was this the best thing for America? Or was this the best thing for the few Congressional members who travel overseas once a year and were tired of TSA screenings and paying extra for checking bags?

I mean, I see it like this...if I'm in credit card debt for say, $2,000 and then go spend $400 on something that's pretty cool, but not really necessary, most would view that as a poor decision. Especially, say, if someone gave me some money to pay off some of my debt and handed it over to me and said, "I trust you. Make good decisions." Which is essentially what I do when I vote for someone.

Oh, Congress, what are we going to do with you? I have no one to blame but myself. It's just that you suck and you make selfish decisions for individual gains. Well, get over it and throw my drowning country a life jacket. Shit, at least stand at the edge of the water and offer up one of those poles or something!

Just try harder. Please? That's all I'm asking.

an annoyed and frustrated American citizen who will never get to ride in the luxury jet I'm paying for

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Heather Lockhart said...

I'm sure it's part of the "cash for clunkers" program where they traded in their old Gulfstreams for these newer, more fuel efficient ones, right?

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