Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oh, Lent...that season which means fasting and prayer before Easter for some and serves as a mini diet in the name of Jesus for others.

As a small Methodist child with John Wesley in my heart I often gave up things like cokes for Lent. Every single year actually until I was about 12. It was at that age I started to understand the true meaning of Lent-- I gave up pizza and Jesus replaced John Wesley in my heart, because let me tell you when you're going through pizza withdrawals ain't nobody going to be able to help you BUT Jesus. Amen.

The more I understood what Lent meant the more I came to enjoy the challenge and look forward to the sacrifice. Every year proved to be something even more hard than the year before. I think my ultimate triumph was giving up bread sometime in high school.

I love the people who give things up like Lent is a diet rather than a spiritual season. My freshman year in college two girls on my floor in Reid Hall tried to convince me that the Atkins Diet was the one thing I was missing in my oh-so-fabulous-19-year-old life. And remember, we're talking about the queen of starches and carbs here. I failed miserably at this diet and had a Pop Tart midway through day one. So, of course when Lent rolled around and the Freshman 15 had more than piled on, I was all about some Atkins Diet, I mean, giving up carbs for Lent. And guess what? I didn't lose any weight and I'm fairly sure I gained zero perspective in the matter.

You see, Lent's not about dieting. It's about sacrificing something for the one who sacrificed it all for you.

I mean, think about it-- Jesus died on a cross. Surely, I can make it 40 days without fast food or chocolate or pizza or bread or caffeine or the presidents or whatever your sacrifice of choice may be.

** This post in no way represents the views of Christians worldwide on the season of Lent-- just mine. This post in no way is out to condemn people who do not participate in the season of Lent, as it is a personal choice for everyone. This post in no way acts as a soapbox. This post in no way was meant to harm anyone. It was only written to offer up personal thoughts on a personal subject and to encourage anyone and everyone to participate in things for a reason, hopefully the right one. Amen.**

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Rachelle said...

on ash wed. i was googling lent blogs and came across yours. you have no idea who i am, i have no idea who you are. but you are CRACKING me up. i love your honest rants on life and how Christ is such a part of your life. peace.

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