Monday, February 2, 2009

the crying game.

I am one of minimal emotions, it's the Cowling in me.

That's not completely true, I have a lot of emotions, it's just rare to share them. With others. Or in public. Or on a blog.

But, lately, I'd say over the last six months, something has kicked on in me that has turned me into a flat-out, good-for-nothing, CRIER. It's terribly scary and not like me. I used to be able to look a calendar and say, "yeah, I cried...about six Tuesdays ago." Now, I say, "Yeah, I cried about six minutes ago."

Things that have made me cry lately:
- Looking at pictures of Old Main and the U of A campus after the ice storm.
- Thinking about baby Harper being born (I was alone at the time, not even with the Pardues!).
- Remembering how my brother used to come to every single game of everything I ever played in, even when I asked him not to.
- Watching Mary Tyler Moore get robbed during season 1 of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
- Definitely teared up during Friday Night Lights and The Biggest Loser last week.
- This is the kicker, I've taken to listening to country music a little bit and last week I cried while listening to some lame Kenny Chesney song.

I think I have an iron deficiency or something.


Corby and Lauren said...

Well that about made me cry.... although I have an excuse for my flowing tears! I can't wait for you and Harper to be besties!!!!

Michelle said...

i think it happens when you get older, becasue i definitely cry more too. And I NREVER used to!

bmayes said...

i didn't cry, but i really wanted matt saracen to score that touchdown. so disappointing.

jsw said...

Yeah. Same thing is happening to me. Weird.

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