Monday, December 8, 2008

twenty five years of outshining the sun.

Dear Morgan,

Today, yes, today we celebrate the birth of you, my beloved friend and roommate. I am so blessed by your life, your words, your actions, your ill dance moves, your singing performances, the rare occasions that you cook, your selflessness with the DVR, your quick laugh and your generous heart.

You are my friend. You are my roommate. I am proud of you. I am humbled by your strength. I am honored to know you, you little hood rat.

I'll be forever yours.
Love always,

Twenny five years ago in the southern most of louisiane,
a lil’ baby was born and she was called morghanne.

an early Christmas gift for this family of three,
she was better than anything under their tree.

cute, funny and smart to boot,
this little girl was anything but a toot.

singing songs with other kids from the streets,
she loved it a lot when she got to eat treats.

always talking on the phone about jenny ganger and rainbow bright,
she was a sweet child, a real delight.

playing golf and making up shit,
softball was her game and she loved to hit.

always getting into trouble on the mean streets of naw’lins,
her parents picked up and moved to the wood’lins.

The new kid in this somewhat strange town,
it didn’t take long for her to stop dressing up like a clown.

she made lots of friends and quit the softball team,
the Olympics were gone and but a faded dream.

packed up and headed to c-stat,
became a chi-o and was p-h-a-t, phat.

staking her claim on the street of old willow,
she seems to never sleep, doesn’t even own a pillow.

graduated with a marketing degree,
move to dallas, become friends with you and me.

spreads her love to kids in the highlands by the lake,
she is Morgan, she is anything but fake.

she is real and she is fun,
she is multi-talented, but I’ve never seen her run.

She can sing like a pretty angel or a bird,
she loves to rap and ends sentences by simply yelling, “word!”

She is a rare and precious jewel to all who know her middle name,
but, you should see her spit her game.

I’ve come to love this lil baby her parents called morghanne,
even if she tends to freckle rather than tan.

she is celebrating twenty five years today,
I’m so glad she doesn’t wear make-up like tammy faye.

She is a joy in my life and many others as well,
because of Morgan lots of people won’t be going to hell.

I am so glad I can call her friend and pal,
she really is one helluva a gal.

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