Thursday, December 18, 2008

dear harper.

Currently, I know about 927 girls who are pregnant. That is only a slight exaggeration. And I do mean slight. I haven't counted lately, but I bet I'm only off by three or four. While I am incredibly excited for each of these little miracles to be born, I'm most excited about little Harper Ann Pardue. I think it's because I know for a fact that her mother will let me hang out with lil' baby Harpie and other mothers aren't quite so quick to make that decision. Anyway. I wrote the little hoodrat a note, that hopefully she'll be able to read way before the other lil' babes.

Dear Precious Lil' Ba-bay Harper,

I am so excited for you to get here. I can't even explain how awesome it's going to be to finally meet you. I get even more excited when I hear your parents talk about you. They are super pumped about your arrival. And I mean, DUH. Your name is freakin' Harper, who wouldn't be excited?

Did you know that the author of my all-time favorite book was named Harper? Well, she was! She has a cool story, too! Her best friend was Truman Capote! Also, she went to school at the University of Alabama-- a place you are going to have to grow to love (at least in front of your father, but not necessarily in front of me or your mother). But, if you decide to roll with the Tide, I'll be ok with that. Although I won't announce it publicly. Mainly because I loathe Nick Saban.

I cannot wait to start burning CDs for you! You are going to have such a great music collection at such a young age. And the second you learn to walk we are going to start dancing! I'm thinking body rolls by age four! We can even go to the mall and you can dance in front of a little bucket with "donations" written across it. It'll be so fun!

Anyway, Harpie Due, I'm counting down the days until you can get here and I can buy you a drum set. I'm planning on being around the first time you ever taste a chocolate chip cookie-- you'll probably remember it as one of the best days of your life-- next to the time I take you to the Hannah Montana concert, of course!

Ok, hurry up, lil' Pardue Baby, everyone is waiting with much anticipation! Maybe, I'll bring some frankincense to the hospital to give to your mom!

Also, your parents are going to tell you about this guy, Jesus. I totally advise you to listen to them about Him.

auntee lc


Corby and Lauren said...

That is PRECIOUS!!! I can't wait to read it to Harper. Maybe it will be the first thing she learns to read someday?!?!? You're going to be such a fabulous Aunt!!! And I can't wait for the frankincense.

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Um.....awesome! And please could you write a book.

Kay Daniels said...

You made me laugh and cry all at the same time! What a wonderful amaze me!! Looking forward to seeing you in LR. Will you stay with us the whole time...or do you need to run up to Russellville for a little while on Christmas Day? Just wondering how many places to set at the table!
Love, Kay-Kay

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