Wednesday, September 3, 2008

thank you.

Dear John McCain:

Senator, thank you for introducing America to Sarah Palin. I was not very excited about you or your campaign until you brought her onto the ticket. 

No matter how many times Mr. Obama says the word, "hope" in the next two months, I promise to vote for you and your PTA running-mate. 

I hope at the inaugural ball she wears something in a light sage with puff paint. Can you arrange that, Mr. Presidential Hopeful? Can you at least persuade her to bust out some mom jeans on the campaign trail? 

Thanks again, Mac, I'm truly looking forward to at least four more years of this war, crap economy, health care crisis AND Sarah Palin, card carrying NRA AND PTA member. 

Quickly becoming your biggest fan,
former vp of young democrats, LC

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