Wednesday, May 28, 2008

there she goes.

I am sitting in 2620 right now...if this were 2007, I would be living here. This last weekend was the one year anniversary of 2620.

With that, I must announce...Laura Brittain is leaving me. She's leaving us all. gUrl, gon' pack her bags and move to a foreign damn country. A month from today Britt is getting on a plane, probably not waving goodbye (because I will have pissed her off in the waning moments of her being on the same continent as me) and stepping on a plane to Ecuador. 

So, I am taking applications. I need a new partner for the following:

1. Watching TV/ movies (documentaries) for hours on end (usually on weekends).
2. Taking me shopping and picking out my clothes, while being honest on how something looks on me.
3. g-chatting with me about 5 hours a day.
4. Answering the phone about 12 times a day.
5. Telling me how good I look (often).
5. Telling me how great my hair is (really often).
6. Loving me unconditionally, which means-- when I don't breathe or talk.

You people can try, but I know no one can be as annoyed with me as Britt. 


Angela said...

I volunteer for #1.

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. i dont want to compete with her. i'd probably end up depressed because my works would never suffice.

this is sad.

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