Monday, May 19, 2008

bright orange posterboard.

I noticeably lack compassion. I am not a compassionate person. It is hard for me to wrap my head around situations that people find themselves in and feel sorry for them. Most of the time, I just absolutely cannot relate and therefore absolutely do not understand.

However, you throw in a puppy, an older sick person or a small child and my heart immediately aches. The Jesus in my heart screams and I long to figure out a way I can get the small child into a better school system or get the older person decent healthcare. My heart never screams, give them cash or buy them some chips, it's always, I want to help them for the long haul. Then my heartstrings go loose and I immediately wonder what side of the political fence my desire to get children a good education puts me on.

I've been noticing homeless people a lot lately. When I see them I want to help, but never have the means. Ie; a Bible to give them, new clothes or groceries. But, most of the time when I see them I only did they get that wheelchair onto the very tall curb and where did they get that bright orange posterboard that definitely costs money? Then that makes me wonder what side of the religious fence I'm on. Jesus doesn't like people on fences, but I don't like people asking me for money.

Especially when they spend that money on bright orange posterboard.

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