Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's recently come to my attention that I'm on the downside of 27. This isn't necessarily something I'm upset over or dwelling on-- it's just weird.

This week I spoke at my high school and where, I'm completely aware of the fact that I graduated 9 years ago, I didn't feel like it had been that long. But, newsflash: I'm not anywhere near being 18 anymore.

This speaking engagement coupled with two segments I saw on the Today Show this morning has caused me to re-evaluate some of my goals and priorities in life. It's made me realize I need to push a little harder for some things I want and let go of those that are just silly. If you recall I had some pretty legitimate goals for 2011 and I've definitely kept up with them (save the pizza thing, but I did give it up for Lent). And since I've kept up with them, I've decided to up the ante and play ball.

This morning on the Today Show I saw a man in England buy a train ticket for a Shetland pony. Done and done. New life priority number one: Buy an airplane ticket for a Shetland pony. Take that pony to see the sights! The second segment had an "internet expert" commenting on a few things. I'm sorry...internetS expert?! That's a title? That's real?! I'm in. The bar has been raised, people. I'm going from internetS novice to internetS expert. For real.

I may be single, on the downside of 27 and own no furniture that my parents didn't buy me, but damn it, I can still do something with my life!

Hey life, challenge accepted.


Morgan said...

which one did you choose? woodworking or crocheting? I'd like to see some of your works...

D.O. said...

Did the so-called "Internet expert" say anything you didn't know? More importantly, did he say anything I don't know?

I deserve that title.

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