Thursday, September 9, 2010

lil' lee-lee.

I made a decision quite some time ago to only have friends that were smarter, prettier, dressed better, nicer, were more patient than me, etc, etc; That was a tough decision to make, because I was totally that kid all through elementary school that was incessant about being at the front of the line every. single. time. The point being: I'm quite the egomaniac. Nonetheless, I'm quite confident the reason I lead such a full life is because of the people I've surrounded myself with.

My friend Lee-Lee is no exception to this rule. She's infinitely nicer, more patient, incredibly considerate, thoughtful...I mean, the list goes on and on. She can tease hair like no one I have ever met, which is really saying something when you're a graduate of the University of Arkansas. She can sing like a delicate song bird. And she can discuss college football with the best of them. Maybe her dance moves aren't the best and she doesn't like to drink all that much, but still. She's good people. Real good.

I have to give a SHOUT OUT to this gUrl, because tomorrow after 36 (37?) weeks of carrying around twin boyZ in her tiny lil' body, she'll finally give birth! Her feet are, and have been, the size of a small gorilla and she's been way preggo through the dog days of summer, but I've yet to hear her complain. I'm so very proud of her and cannot wait to meet these little guys.

Lee-Lee and Rhettro, I know you're going to be a great parental unit to TommyBoy and HuddyHud. I cannot wait to come around and teach them all about "Jersey Shore" and rap music. And Lee-Lee, from here on out, I'm begging you to spare me the details on anything concerning placenta sack(s) and/or your cervix, or really anybody's cervix.

Go get 'em, team Lashlee!

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Lauren Lashlee said...

Ok, I cried... laughed and shook my head many times. Thanks for the compliments, insults (gorilla feet) and shout out. I think you're pretty cool too.

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