Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the hard stuff.

Years ago I learned that living life in concordance with Jesus Christ does not necessarily mean you are going to live an easy life. He never promises that. At times I forget that because, in my head I'm like, I've got the CREATOR of the whole universe on my team, I mean, COME ON. And time and time again I'm reminded that no, he's never promised me an easy life.

I'm reminded of this mostly through the play of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Dear Razorbacks, thank you for keeping me humble and realistic. Thank you for reminding me of my Creator. Thank you for under-promising and at times, over-delivering. You have been a part of my life longer than I've actually been alive and I'm not going to forsake you now, but on behalf of a whole state, I'm begging you: choose one. Please, just suck really bad or be really awesome. But, quit being both. I love you forever.

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