Friday, May 7, 2010

through my eyes.

One thing I've always known about myself is that I'm different. I'm different than my mom. I'm different than my dad. I'm pretty different than most of my friends. Not weird-freaky different where I think my best clothing options are black shirts adorned with skulls and bleeding hearts and my hair should host streaks of bright blue in it, but you know-- different.

I think some of the most random things are hilarious and people just give me blank stares when I try to explain the humor in it. I'm fine with that.

I'd like to share some things with you that I've witnessed as of late and have captured digitally. I'm fairly certain everyone will see the ridiculousness taking place in these digital images. If you don't, I would politely suggest that you remove the stick from your ass.

I saw this lady scootin' through Dallas yesterday evening. She had on a fairly nice dress, cutesie shoes and her hair was fixed, although it's hard to tell from this image. This woman, who I can only presume is somebody's mother and wife, scooted along next to me for the better part of three minutes. That whole three minutes I was doing everything in my power not to pee on myself. All I could think about was, who IS this lady? Do her children know she's decked out Sunday-school-style riding a scooter down Northwest Highway? Did she fix a meal for her family and then hop on her scooter to go meet her gUrlies for a night out? Do her croanies also own scooters? Is her other car a Volvo wagon? Whatever the answer to these questions, one thing is for sure: this woman is living her life and she clearly has a great attitude about it. Aside from making me laugh hysterically alone in my car, she's also inspired me to be a little more carefree about my life. I mean, I only get to do this once, right?

Yes, this one was taken in Arkansas. You should know that the "H" got cut off and the roof does read, "HAIRCUTS -- CIGARETTES." Again, why not? Why not open an operation that services the needs of a man who craves nicotine and a crew cut? Why not? Today, our society is constantly asking, "Why? WHY?!" Well, I'm borrowing a phrase from the famous philosopher Hillary Duff on this one and asking, "WHY NOT...why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance?" Why not do a crazy dance, buy some cigarettes and sit down for a trim at the same time? Why not? More power to the dreamers!

This one is fairly disturbing and was actually sent to me by bestest, Mal-Mal Hardin (SHOUT OUT). Look closely. Keep looking. Yes, that is the Easter Bunny with his disciples having a meal together. You might notice that this meal could actually be their last supper together. WTF? You serious, Clark? Who thought this was alright? Who put this on the good idea list? I'm not ok with the Easter Bunny as it is, but when you throw him and some chicks on a cookie cake and try to sell it to the masses as a religious piece I'm going to go borderline ape shit. But, I'm also going to giggle and crave cookie cake for the better part of the day.

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Anonymous said...

i saw something outside my window yesteday that made me laugh. when craig asked me why i was laughing so hard i told him "the asian kid in a fedora was chasing his balloon in to the street and almost got hit by a car!" saying it out loud made it not as funny... but the sight of it really was. it had all the elements: asians, fedoras, balloons, danger. i swear you would have laughed.

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