Monday, August 18, 2008

small town eye shadow.

I am not a gymnast-- I can barely do a kart-wheel, I have yet to master the forward roll and I've never been all that great at applying eye shadow.

I have an enormous amount of respect for gymnasts. The things they can make their body do impress me more than words allow me to convey. However, this amount of respect drops drastically, dare I say, when I see their eye shadow.

My gymnastic expertise ended at the age of four (or maybe five) when I quit taking the Friday afternoon tap-jazz-ballet class that also meant we got to tumble, so I bring very little to the conversation whenever Kerri Strug is mentioned, but I can tell you this-- I would be incredibly embarrassed to receive a gold medal (or any medal for that matter) and look like this:

Or this:

Sparkles? Blue with a red and yellow outfit? Where are these girls from?
Keep it simple. Keep it real. Go for the natural colors, because even then, if you fall off the beam AND the vault, you'll look better than all the medal winners. At least that's what she said.


Jared and Risa said...

My theory: They are actually 11, haven't quite reached puberty nor the age of wearing make-up. So their mom/make-up artist/little sister decides that blue eye shadow with sparkles makes you look 16.

Anonymous said...


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